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The Unified Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation Of Australia – New Zealand
A Brief History of the

105 Lynch Road, Fawkner, Vic. 3060. Tel: (03) 9357 3544   Fax: (03) 9357 3600
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The Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association was established in 1990 in a small three-roomed house at 30 Bamburg St, Broadmeadows, in the northern suburbs of the City of Melbourne. The house was used for worship, religious education and many various Buddhist activities. As time went by, and as the Buddhist community grew, Ven.Thich Tam Phuong had to find a new place for a temple which would meet the needs of the Buddhist community of the northern suburban region. 

On 20th May 1997, thanks to the Buddha's blessing, we were lucky enough to purchase, from the Victorian Education Department, an old primary school in the suburb of Fawkner. The land, an area of 7,411m2 was purchased for AUD $351,200. We also received approval from the local Moreland City Council to set up a Buddhist Welfare Centre as part of the new Fawkner temple. This new temple is within easy reach of Melbourne airport and within easy access of the northern ring road.  

The areas our congregation are drawn from, are the  City of Moreland, the City of Hume, the City of Whitesea, the City of Darebin and the City of Maribynong 

From our initial establishment in 1990, we have strived to serve the local Vietnamese communities living in the northern region (including the suburbs of Broadmeadows, Coburg, Preston, Reservoir, Thomastown, Bundoora, Epping and Lalor), the western region (including Footscray, Sunshine and St Albans), the south & east regions (including Richmond and Springvale).  

Contributions of Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association to the society of Australia and the region: 

-         Quang Duc Monastery is the only Buddhist Monastery in Moreland, its architectural Main Shrine, fence, gates, and Four Kindness Stupa and all Buddha Statues, etc… combine Eastern and Western Culture which contributes the beauty, art and spirit for our multicultural country. 

-         The non-profit Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association of Victoria has approximately 2,000 members from within the north-west regions of Melbourne including from the cities of Hume, Darebin and Moreland. Since 1990, we have successfully helped many refugees, given support to those community members in need and continue to devote much time in delivering various social services to the Vietnamese and also the general community. 

-         Abbot, Senior Venerable Thich Tam Phuong and Vice-Abbot, Senior Venerable Thich Nguyen Tang who are both members of the Chaplaincy Council of Victoria, have contributed their time and skills to visit Prisons and Hospitals in Victoria to help the both prisoners and patients. 

-         Abbot Senior Venerable Thich Tam Phuong is a JP (Justice of Peace) who is also a marriage celebrant. 

-         Some of the more notable contributions of the Quang Duc Monastery & Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association of Vic. Include: 

o       Since 2000 - Working with the Department of Justice to support the ‘Work for Dole’ program and now the ‘Community work’ program to help the people in Victoria.

o       2001 - Together with the Moreland City Council - conducted the memorial ceremony to pray for the victims of the ‘9/11’ terrorist attack.

o       2002 - Together with the Moreland City Council - conducted the memorial ceremony for the victims of the Bali terrorist attack.

o       2004 - Conducted a memorial service for Tsunami Victims and raised and donated $ 45,000

o       2009 - Together with our Head Congregation - The Unified Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation of Australia & New Zealand - conducted a memorial ceremony for Black Saturday Bushfire (7 Feb 2009) victims and raised and distributed over $200,000 in donations to individuals and communities to aid in their recovery.

o       2009 – Displayed the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace and conducted special services, bringing over 15,000 people together from many faiths, to pray for peace in our home, our community, our country and our world.

o       2010 - Conducted a memorial service for Haiti Earthquake victims and raised and donated $11,000.

o       This does not include the many fundraising events for relief to victims of many other natural disasters in the region in general and also within Vietnam.   

Current Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association activities include:

1.      Religious prayer services, every weekend:

§      Prayers for peace and happiness and lectures for all people, so as to promote quality of life, peace and happiness in society.

§      Wedding Services & special prayers for weddings.

§      Memorial Services.

§      Funeral Services.

2.      Classes for the  teaching both Buddhist and secular subjects:

§       Teaching doctrines to improve the knowledge of Buddhism and other Religions to cultivate life knowledge and understanding.

§       Organised entertainment for Aged people.

§       Sundays - morning tea and discussions about the quality of life.

§       Provide advice and consultations for parents on family problems.

§       Provide temporary accommodation and support for people, until they find stability in life.

§       Provide counseling services to both problem gamblers and drug-addicted persons.

§       Other services as required

Our current activity timetable is as follows:

  • Monday  to Saturday:

5:30-7am:        Morning recitation and meditation;

6pm-8pm:        Recitation of Sutras and sitting mediation. This includes training in meditation from beginners to advanced levels

  • Sunday:

9am - 4pm:      Activities, including sitting meditation, Sutras recitation,

                        Vietnamese Buddhist Youth activities,

                        Buddhist doctrines, teaching and discussion etc.

Sunday Services and Special Services as requested..

We welcome all inquiries, for further information please phone us on (03) 9357 3544 or Fax: (03) 9357 3600. Email:

The Most Venerable Thich Quang Duc 

The Quang Duc Temple and Buddhist Welfare Association are named after Most Venerable Thich Quang Duc, a Vietnamese monk, who was known throughout the world by his self-immolation at the age of sixty-seven in central Saigon. Whilst sitting in the lotus position, with full resolve, 4 metre flames consumed his body. This event happened at midday, on 11th June 1963, witnessed by thousands of Vietnamese, and through the media, seen by millions more around the world.

The Most Venerable Thich Quang Duc, whose lay name was Lam Van Tuc, was born in 1897 in a small village in a province in central Vietnam. At the age of seven he entered into the religious life and became a disciple of the Zen master Hoang Tham. At the age of twenty, he was ordained as a full Buddhist monk (Bhikkhu). After ordination he spent many years practicing isolated and extremely demanding ascetic purification practices in the Ninh Hoa Mountains, near Nha Trang City. 

In 1932 he started his Buddhist teaching career at Ninh Hoa. He then went to a central Vietnam province to rebuild temples. By 1943 he had rebuilt nearly 20 pagodas and in the same year moved to Saigon, South Vietnam. He lived in the Long Vinh temple finally taking permanent residence in the Quan The Am temple.

In 1953, he was appointed Head of the Rituals Committee of the United Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation, a position that he held until the time of his death.  

In 1963, after four years of increased oppression by the Diem government towards Buddhist priests and the Buddhist community the Most Venerable Thich Quang Duc perfomed his heroic deed to highlight Bhuddhist demands for religious equality in South Vietnam. This act was literally flashed around the world by television. At midday, on June 11, 1963, he took a ride to the intersection of Phan Dinh Phung and Le Van Duyet Streets, in central Saigon (now Nguyen Dinh Chieu and Cach Mang Thang Tam Street). Pouring petrol over himself, he sat in the middle of the intersection, struck a match and immolated himself.  His body was consumed and all that remained was his heart. Later when the Buddhist community tried to cremate his heart it remained intact. It was subsequently placed in the Reserve Bank of Vietnam and became the symbol of the Holy Heart.  

Millions all over the globe saw his self sacrifice, and The Most Venerable Thich Quang Duc became a world-famous figure. Before he passed away he left a letter to the government of the day, and through them, for the people of Vietnam. In Vietnamese culture, this letter is now known as the letter of Heart Blood. The core of his letter was a plea for all Buddhist believers, monks, nuns and lay people, to unite and strive for the preservation of Buddhism. His plan was to demonstrate to the world the injustice that was being perpetrated on the Buddhist religion and community by a repressive regime and it worked extremely well. Many nations worldwide brought pressure on the South Vietnamese government to soften its attitude to the traditional Vietnamese religion. The Saigon government complied.  

Current Developments at Quang Duc Monastery 

At present, the Quang Duc Monastery has just completed the construction of a Sangha Accommodation, Temporary Accommodation Shelter and Welfare Office and is in the midst of the construction of a four level Stupa for the safe care of the mortal remains of those Sangha and Lay members who have passed away. 

The Quang Duc Monastery is a major Vietnamese Buddhist Centre for the northern and western regions of Melbourne. According to the 1996 Census statistics, there were about 65,000 Vietnamese in Victoria, 80% of that population being Buddhists. The areas our congregation is drawn from include; the cities of Moreland, Hume, Whittlesea, Darebin and Maribyrnong, which share a population of approximately 30,000 Vietnamese within their boundaries.  

It has been found that, despite this population, there were no specific facilities for welfare services for the Vietnamese community. We require support from the various governmental bodies to provide services specifically for our community members. At present there are no welfare workers at the Monastery and only three temporary accommodation rooms available for homeless people. 

Approximately 50 Vietnamese families use the Buddhist Centre each week, with personal counseling services being conducted by the Abbot and other staff regarding problems such as family breakdown, domestic violence, substance abuse, gambling and other social problems as well as those seeking other advice. 

 In 2009 we experienced specific counseling cases related to:

  • Gambling per week - 5 to 7
  • Seeking aid or shelter - including:

-            Young people affected by family breakdown due to gambling - 17.

-            Adults affected by domestic violence or gambling related problems - 13.

-            Persons affected due to substance abuse problems - 11.


About Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association Website 

The Quang Duc homepage is an official Buddhist bilingual website in both Vietnamese & English situated at the Quang Duc Monastery. It was created in May 1999, and contains many valuable documents and much educational information such as:

§      Biography of The Most Venerable Thich Quang Duc.

§       The life of Lord Buddha & His Teachings

§      Buddhism throughout the world, news & events on the establishing and developing of Buddhism on the five continents. especially Buddhism in Vietnam

§       Buddhist scriptures

§       Buddhist concepts toward our lives 

§       Buddhist tales

§       Famous Buddhist People

§       Meaning of being a Vegetarian

§       Buddhism & women

§       Writing about the Buddha's birthday

§       Writing about the Parent's celebration

§       Writing about the Buddhist lunar New Year

§       Buddhist temples in Australia

§       Buddhist Poetry & Poets

§       Buddhist painting & Art

We do hope you and your friends will take time to come and see and enjoy our website. We also like collect new documents on International Buddhist activities. Please do not hesitate to send us your contribution..

We wish enlightenment, peace and happiness to you all.

Yours sincerely,

By Ven. Thich Nguyen Tang


Update: 01-03-2010

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