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The Unified Vietnamese Australian Buddhist Congress  of Australia – New Zealand
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Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery
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Invitation for Ullambana  Day 2011

(Buddhist Remembrance of Our Parents’ Day)


Dear brothers & sisters,

The Buddhist Ullambana Day Ceremony is a Celebration in Remembrance of our parents' great efforts, on our behalf, throughout our lives. The tree draws its strength growing from the earth, drawing water and nutrition from the ground as its sustenance.  Nobody came to this world without their parents who devoted their lives towards our growth to maturity. Their love and labor can not be expressed adequately through common language and simple gifts.

 We wish to invite you and your family to participate in this Ceremony to be held at the Quang Duc Monastery, 105 Lynch Road, Fawkner,  3060.  It will commence at 10.00am, Sunday, 14 August 2011. 

The progarm : 10:00am :Welcome Guests and Followers; 10:30 Dharma Talk, topic: "The meaning filial piety" ; 11:15: Official Ceremony commences – Chanting - Offering of Roses , (Red rose offered if your mother is alive, White rose offered if your mother is not);12:00pm Offering of food to those who have passed away. Release of birds - (To signify freeing sentient beings which suffer at mans’ hands); 12:30: Offering of food for Buddhist Monks and Nuns (Lunch will be served for all other Guests and Attendees);02:00: Entertainment by Vietnamese Buddhist Community; 04:00: Offering of food to Lost Souls

 Please advise us by phone: 9357 3544 fax: 9357 3600 or email: as to whether you would like to attend. We look forward to sharing this celebration with you.



           Yours sincerely,




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