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                  THE BUDDHA CHANT VERSE

Wholeheartedly upkeep the Buddha chant

The great Buddha names are above all

Capable of relieve eighty thousand worldly sufferings

Sentient beings should reform soon

Don’t be delusional in one’s mind

Peace comes when mind calmly chanting the Buddha

With Buddha chant, karma shall dissipate

One shall be freed from all affliction

With Buddha chant, wisdom shall come

All delusional hindrance shall not arise from within

With Buddha chant, one can liberate the ancestor

From the sea of desire, from the river of illusion

With Buddha chant, family is complete

United as one without hatred

With Buddha chant, no suffering, no pain

All illness shall cease

With Buddha chant, one attains merit

Increase fortune, increase benefit, peaceful home

With Buddha chant, evil shall be eradicated

Demons and ghouls are far removed

With Buddha chant, poisons are controlled

All beasts are transformed from vicious to gentle

With Buddha chant, madness and insanity end

Attaining wisdom and radiant light

With Buddha chant, no more injustice

Absent mind in people doings, uninterested in the worldly

With Buddha chant, free from distress

Comfort and ease throughout one’s life

With Buddha chant, one touches others

Everyone loves and adores

With Buddha chant, kindness borne

Having compassion and no cruelty

With Buddha chant, the divine adores

And often blesses days and nights

With Buddha chant, the divine respects

And often supports under any conditions

With Buddha chant, there is no anxiety

As like the tree under no wind, the branches unwavering

With Buddha chant, there is no fear

Criminals will not come to harm

With Buddha chant, there is peaceful sleep

No dreams, no evil thoughts

With Buddha chant, all wrongdoings are settled

Obligations from past lives no longer counted

With Buddha chant, many things can be finished

Peaceful heart even in life or death

With Buddha chant, no more attachments

No desire of assets nor status

With Buddha chant, defilement will not be borne

The mind is as crystal clear as full moon

With Buddha chant, the heart prefers to practice

Not easily swayed toward the wrong

With Buddha chant, the true nature returns

All karmic hindrance shall be gone deep into the sea

With Buddha chant, a complete life is certain

Away from disaster, away from carnage

With Buddha chant, physical body is safe

From harm, from unrighteous death

With Buddha chant, merit is everywhere

Destroying hell, evils collapse

With Buddha chant, the Buddha’s halo radiates

We become the Buddha rested on our heads

With Buddha chant, the Buddha shall not forsake

Wherever the chant is, the Buddha is there

With Buddha chant, the Buddha shall receive us

A lotus throne is reserved in the Pure Land

Buddha chant must be diligent

Then the lotus shall flourish

Each Buddha chant must not scatter

Mental leisure resides in the Pure land

Buddha chant without effort has no benefit

Then the lotus shall wilt

Buddha chant requires devotion

Keeping the six sense organs wholesome

Buddha chant is like the water and the moon

Clear water, clear moon; wavy water, dull moon

With Buddha chant, there are many marvels

As long as one does not take lightly, does not have doubt

With Buddha chant, maintain one heart

The revered Amittabha is immense

The Buddha is transformed everywhere

Loving and liberating all suffering beings

Diligently chanting the Buddha

After life, one attains rebirth in the Pure Land

 Translated into English by Dieu My

(Vietnamese version)






Cập nhật: 5-2012

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