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History of Buddhism

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The History of Buddhism .Dr. C. George Boeree
A Brief History of Buddhism.  Konrad Plendl
2500 Years Of Buddhism. P.V. Bapat

Buddhist Sects in India . Nalinaksha Dutt
Buddhism--A World Religion/K. Rama.
Buddhism in China/The Rev. S. Beal
Buddhism in East Asia/D.P. Singhal.
Buddhism : Religion and Meditation/S. Jafar Mahmud.
Buddhism in Comparative Light/edited by Sanghasen Singh.
Buddhism in Nepal : 465 B.C. to 1199 A.D./Naresh Man Bajracharya.
Buddhism in North India and Pakistan/D.C. Ahir.
Buddhism in South-East Asia : A Cultural Survey/D.C. Ahir.
Buddhism in South India/D.C. Ahir.
Buddhism : Its History and Literature/T.W. Rhys Davids.
Buddhist Art in India/Albert Grunwedel.
The Buddhist Pilgrimage/Duncan Forbes.
Buddhist Sects and Sectarianism/Bibhuti Baruah.
Buddhist Thought and Ritual/David J. Kalupahana.
The Buddhist World View/edited by Raghwendra Pratap Singh.
Chinese Buddhist Sculpture Under the Liao/M. Leidig Gridley.
Buddhism in the Western Himalaya . Laxman S. Thakur.
Buddhist Philosophy in India and Ceylon/A. Berriedale Keith.
History of Theravada Buddhism  in South East Asia. Kanai Lal Hazra
Buddhism and Buddhist Literature in Early Indian Epigraphy/Kanai Lal Hazra
Buddhism : A Modern Perspective/edited by Charles S. Prebish.
Buddhist Thought in India : Three Phases of Buddhist Philosophy/Edward Conze
Buddhism in Contemporary Tibet. Melvyn C. Goldstein and Matthew T. Kapstein.
Buddhism in India and Sri Lanka : A Comparative Study/S.M. Haldhar.
Buddhism and Ethnicity in Sri Lanka : A Historical Analysis/Ananda Wickremeratne.



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