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Celebration of the Spring of Maitreya Buddha
Year of the Snake - 2013

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The Unified Vietnamese Australian Buddhist Congress of Australia – New Zealand
Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association of Victoria
105 Lynch Road, Fawkner, Victoria, 3060, Australia. Tel: 03.9357 3544. Fax: 03 9357 3600.;  Website:

 Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery


You are cordially invited to participate one of most popular annual celebrations in the Fawkner, Melbourne
Lunar New Year’s Eve Festival
 Year of the Snake -2013
Time/Date: 8pm to Midnight, Saturday, 9 February 2013
Venue: Quang Duc Monastery, 105 Lynch Road, Fawkner

Vegetarian Food & Arts stalls - Free Books on Buddhism - Video Shows - New Year Sermon - Lion Dance & MIDNIGHT - Cultural Performances - New Year Gifts to All –

For more Info. please call 9357 3544 or check our website:
Admission Free - All Welcome




Our activities will take place on the following dates:

Saturday, 9 February 2013
• 11.00 am: Offerings to the Buddha and to deceased people.
• 6.30 pm: Ceremonial Food Offering for Wandering Souls.
• 8.00 pm: End of the Year Repentance Ceremony.
• 9.30 pm: Dragon dancing, Buddhist music and entertainment program conducted by the Buddhist Youth Group,
• 11.00 pm: Lễ đón Giao Thừa Ceremony, (New Years Eve Ceremony). Reciting the Maitrya Buddha Sutra.
Reading of the New Year Greeting Letter from Most Venerable Thich Nhu Hue  (Head of the Unified Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation in Australia and New Zealand).
Hai Loc Ceremony, (all in attendance receive a special Buddhist lucky gift to see in the New Year).

Sunday, 10 February 2013 (1st day of the Lunar New Year)

• 5.00 am:  Morning Reciting Service.

• During the day: - Buddhist community members will attend the Temple to pray for peace and   happiness for all sentient beings, their families and themselves for the New Year 


Monday, 11 February 2013  (2nd day of the Lunar New Year)

• 5.00 am:  Morning Reciting Service.

• 7.00 pm:   Commence reciting the Medicine Buddha Sutra (to pray for World Peace).

• During the day: - Buddhist community members will attend the Temple to pray for peace and     happiness for all sentient beings, their families and themselves for the New Year.

Sunday, 17 February 2013 (8th day of the Lunar New Year)

• 8.00 pm: Praying for Peace Ceremony.

  (Please register your name for this ceremony as we will read it out in the prayers).

Sunday 24 February 2013 (15th day of the Lunar New Year)

• 8:00 am:  Bus Tour of 10 Buddhist Temples in Melbourne Metropolitan area. There will be 8 (eight) buses going on the tour.(Please register your name now - to get a ticket for a seat on the bus - at the Quang Duc Temple on 9357 3544 or email:   

• During the day: - Vietnamese Buddhist Vegetarian food will be on sale at stalls at the temple. 

On the occasion of the year of the Year of Snake 2013, and on behalf of Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery, I extend my wishes to you all, that you may enjoy the Dharma Bliss, Everlasting Peace and Happiness throughout the New Year.
You are all warmly invited to attend our celebrations and take part in our activities.

Deputy-Abbot Senior Venerable Thich Nguyen Tang





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ICONFLASH.jpg (769 bytes) Gangottara Sutra
ICONFLASH.jpg (769 bytes) Sutra on the Eight Realizations
ICONFLASH.jpg (769 bytes) Innumerable Meanings Sutra
ICONFLASH.jpg (769 bytes) On the Heart Sutra. Karmapa Urgyen Thinley Dorje
ICONFLASH.jpg (769 bytes)
Sutra of Kindness of parents. Translated by: Upasika Terri Nicholson
ICONFLASH.jpg (769 bytes) Dharmapada Sutra. Translated by Narada Thera
ICONFLASH.jpg (769 bytes) Lankavatara Sutra. Translated by Suzuki and Goddard
ICONFLASH.jpg (769 bytes)
Srimala Devi Sutra. Translated by Alex and Hideko Wayman
ICONFLASH.jpg (769 bytes) One Hundred Fables Sutra. Translated by Tetcheng Liao
ICONFLASH.jpg (769 bytes) The Ten Wholesome Ways of Actions Sutra. Translated by Saddhaloka Bhikkhu
ICONFLASH.jpg (769 bytes) The Great Parinirvana Sutra . Translated into English by Charles Patton
ICONFLASH.jpg (769 bytes) Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Sutra. Translated version of Master Buddhapala during the Tang Dynasty
ICONFLASH.jpg (769 bytes) Brahma Net Sutra. Translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society in USA
ICONFLASH.jpg (769 bytes) The Sutra on the Buddha of Eternal Life. Translated by The Sutra Translation Committee of United Canada


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