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The Unified Vietnamese Buddhist Congress in Australia-New Zealand
Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association of Victoria
105 Lynch Road, Fawkner, Vic. 3060. Tel: (03). 9357 3544   Fax: (03) 9357 3600
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Dear Most Venerables , Venerables,  Brothers and Sisters in Dharma,

I am Venerable Thich Tam Phuong Abbot of the Quang Duc Monastery in Fawkner . I am also a director of the Non-profit Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association of Victoria. In recent years, we have successfully helped many refugees, given support to those in need and continue to devote much time in pursuit of various social services.

From our initial establishment in 1990, in a small three-roomed house with for worship, religious education and many various Buddhist activities at 30 Bamburg St, Broadmeadows, and Victoria. As time went by, the amount of Buddhist believers increased, along with their basic needs. In 1997, the Monastery moved  to Fawkner . Since then, many activities have been organised which include Buddhist Doctrine Classes, Buddhist  youth family, Bo De Vietnamese Language school, which  help children to maintain their Buddhist tradition, spirit and Vietnamese culture.... The current activities are as follows: 

A/We have some religious prayer services every weekend:
- Pray for peace and happiness and give lecture for all people, so as to promote quality of life, peace and happiness in our society.
- Pray for the Dead, those who have passed away .
- Marriage celebration, special prayers for weddings, funerals and memorials.

B/ We have organised classes for give teachings on both Buddhist and secular subjects:
- Teaching the Vietnamese language to keep Vietnamese culture and traditions alike.
- Teaching doctrines to improve the knowledge of Buddhism and other Religions to cultivate their life.

C/ We have organised entertainment for the Aged people : 
- Every Sunday, Morning tea and discussions about the quality of life .
- Give advice and consultations for ladies who have family problems.
- Give temporary accommodation and support for all people until they find stability.
- Give counseling services to both gambling and drugs addicts .
- Extra services.
The above spiritual and charitable activities are free.

Currently,  the Worship Hall and Youth Activities Hall have limited rooms/spaces and are not large enough to cater for the needs and services of Vietnamese and local communities, and these facilities are steadily deteriorating. We have asked permission to rebuild them and Moreland City Council has already granted us this  permission  and we intend  to organise the Breaking Sod Ceremony for the end of the December , 2000. {Clich here to see the plan}.

We earnestly request that you and your friends can help us financial or material aid (brick, tile, cement, iron, steel, nails, rivets, screens, wood....) in this necessary rebuilding work. All donations are current Tax deductible, and receipts will be issued to this effect.

Please send donations and offers of material aid to :

By chequed : 
Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association:
Commonwealth bank account  Number: 3135 10232394

By postal address: 
Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association
105 Lynch Road
Fawkner, Vic 3060

Thank you in anticipation,

Yours sincerely,

Ven. THICH NGUYEN TANG (Vice -abbot)

Last update: 01-02-2002

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